China Electric Motor -Motor Use And Maintenance


China Electric Motor      : "The use and maintenance of […]

China Electric Motor      : "The use and maintenance of motors is often overlooked. Whether a motor can maximize economic efficiency and extend service life is a key issue for proper use and routine maintenance."

(1) Starting: The motor should first be inspected mechanically before starting, such as checking whether the rotating shaft is flexible; the bearing should be properly lubricated; the fan and the hood cannot collide, and the motor base is fixed. Then you must check the circuit and check if the leads of the motor are connected. Some motor outlet boxes only have two wires. This is easy to connect, and some have four wires. At this time, it must be connected according to the relevant instructions, otherwise the motor will be burned out. The wire ends must be fastened; it is best to install a fuse in front of the socket of the motor. The amperage rating of the fuse should be about 10 to 25% higher than the amperage rating of the motor.

Before the motor is running, it is best to carry out a no-load test run without load, to see if the rotation is normal, and whether the steering meets the requirements. Steering of single-phase motors. The manufacturer has connected the windings and it is not easy to change them at will.

When the motor starts, it usually starts 3 to 5 seconds. If the motor does not turn up or reaches 70~80% of rated speed after this time, the power should be cut off quickly, check the cause of the fault, and do not delay, otherwise it will burn out. Winding. This situation may be too heavy; the voltage is low. The centrifugal switch does not operate, there is a problem with the motor windings.

(2) Operation: When the motor is under normal load, the rotation speed is uniform, the sound is moderate, and the heat is appropriate. However, always pay attention to the temperature rise of the motor. If severe fever and other adverse symptoms are found, it is necessary to pull the brake to stop running. Most of the time in rural areas due to the reduction of the grid voltage, this heat will not burn the windings at a time, but to reduce the life of the motor. To ensure that the motor is protected from moisture and ventilation, there is no water in the outlet box and capacitors, and there is no mechanical damage. The windshield of the windshield should not be blocked, and the motor casing should be well grounded. When the capacitor is damaged and updated, the voltage value of the new capacitor must not be lower than the voltage value of the old capacitor, and the number of practices is preferably equal.

(3) Maintenance: The motor can be disassembled for maintenance for a long time. Clean the internal debris, add lubricating oil (using calcium-sodium-based grease No. 1), etc.; it is best to measure the winding insulation resistance with a 500-volt table, which should be no less than 0.5 megohms.

Disassembly and assembly should pay attention to: 1 internal wiring of the winding, the welding point of the centrifugal switch, etc. must not be mistaken or broken, 2 is not allowed to break the winding insulation, protect the movement gap of the centrifugal switch, ensure its normal contact, its contact When there is spark burn, you can use a fine rag to gently polish. 3 pairs of aluminum shell motor should pay attention to avoid heavy blow, protect the end face of the motor, do not damage the heat dissipation rib on the casing and end cover to maintain good heat dissipation conditions. Fan blades should not be bent and broken, and the bearings and shafts must not be mechanically damaged. When storing the motor, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place.