China Gear Pump - How Does The Gear Pump Choose A Gasket?


The China  gear pump indicates that the selection princ […]

The China  gear pump indicates that the selection principle of the gear pump seal is that it can be selected by experience if it is not demanding, and replaced if it is not suitable. However, for those demanding occasions, such as explosive, highly toxic and flammable gases and highly corrosive liquid equipment, reaction tanks and piping systems, etc., should be based on working pressure, working temperature, corrosiveness of sealing medium and combined sealing surface. The form to choose from. Generally speaking, in the case of low temperature at normal temperature, non-metallic soft honey gasket is used; when medium pressure is high temperature, metal or non-metal combination gasket or metal gasket is used; when temperature and pressure have large fluctuations, the elasticity is good. Or self-tightening gaskets; gaskets with special properties should be considered in low temperature, corrosive media or vacuum conditions.