China Hydraulic Motors - How Is The Hydraulic Motor Power Calculated?


Hydraulic motors are also known as oil motors in the in […]

Hydraulic motors are also known as oil motors in the industry. With the increasing use of hydraulic motors in many mechanical industries, people not only appreciate its functional value, but also many advantages are important factors affecting other equipment. As the most important information of the hydraulic motor - hydraulic motor power, has always let the user love and hate, then how to calculate the power of the hydraulic motor? China hydraulic motor tells the answer:


The hydraulic motor inputs the pressure P and the flow rate Q, and the output is the torque T and the angular velocity w. Theoretically, the input and output powers are the same as PQ=TW, but because of the leakage, the single output power must be equal to TW. Moreover, after a kilowatt of motor consumes a certain amount of energy, there is also energy loss in the process of converting the power into a hydraulic motor. After two losses, it is impossible to emit more than one kilowatt of electric energy.


The output power is equal to the product of the actual output torque and the speed, P=T*w or P=T*2πn


P: power unit watt W


T: Actual output torque Unit N.m


w: angular velocity unit rad/s


n: speed rps


From the point of view of energy conversion, the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor are reversible hydraulic components, and the input of the working fluid to any one of the hydraulic pumps can make it into a hydraulic motor condition; conversely, when the main shaft of the hydraulic motor is external When the torque is driven to rotate, it can also be changed to the hydraulic pump working condition. Because they have the same basic structural elements - a closed and periodically variable volume and a corresponding oil distribution mechanism.


In fact, many times, the mastery of the hydraulic motor power is actually to directly reflect the working effect of the hydraulic motor from the data, because there may be errors in any situation, but the hydraulic motor power is real data, it is impossible to deceive the user. As researchers pay attention to the power of hydraulic motors, it is believed that there will be a better experience in the use of hydraulic motors in the future.