Parker Piston Pump Selection Considerations


How to carry out the selection, we introduced how the P […]

How to carry out the selection, we introduced how the PARKER plunger pump should be selected. So, the next question is, what should you pay attention to when selecting the PARKER piston pump?

1. Determine the working condition of the medium. Large particle substances are not allowed in the conveying medium of the plunger pump, otherwise it will cause work failure. For the occasions with iron pollution, stainless steel plunger pump should be used. For acidic or alkaline medium, anti-corrosion plunger should be used. Pump.
 2. Determine the reasonable flow range. The piston pump model is nominally rated flow. The appropriate margin should be considered when selecting.
 3. Determine the applicable pressure level. The rated pressure of the plunger pump can reach 2.0-2.5MPa. When using the filter press, the variable pump should be used. The low-pressure pump should be used for the slurry to reduce waste.
4. After determining the above parameters, according to the principle of Ningda not small, select according to the standard model.