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China's Electric Motor  production began in 1917, and t […]

China's Electric Motor  production began in 1917, and the industry has formed a relatively complete industrial system in China. With the development of electric power, China's electric motor manufacturing industry has shown vitality, and the scale of production and sales and economic benefits have greatly improved.


From 2005 to 2011, the average annual sales revenue of China's motor manufacturing industry increased by 36.92%. Except for the financial crisis in 2009, the manufacturing industry generally declined, and the year-on-year growth rate of electric motors dropped to 11.20%. In other years, the growth rate of the market size of China's motors was at a relatively high level, which was more than 20% year-on-year, With the general slowdown of China's manufacturing industry in 2011, the year-on-year growth of electric motors still reached 21.87%.


Motor manufacturers should establish their own brands, make high-end efforts, expand overseas markets, ensure product quality and after-sales service, and develop into new fields such as aviation, marine, military, nuclear power, and special motors. Ground.
About 70% of the entire society ’s electrical energy consumption is in the industrial sector, and the power consumption of industrial motors accounts for 70% of the entire industrial sector ’s electricity consumption. There are two main ways to improve the efficiency of electric motors: an AC motor with a frequency converter to improve operating efficiency; the second is to use a high-efficiency motor. Different frequency converters are the main energy saving in the industrial field. The energy saving efficiency is generally above 30%, and in some industries it is even as high as 40% -50%. The market application rate of high-efficiency electric motors is still relatively low, but with the support of minimum energy efficiency standards and subsidy policies, the market application proportion of high-efficiency motors will increase significantly in the future.


From January to December 2012, China's cumulative export of electric motors and generators was 3.096 billion units, a decrease of 8.2% compared with the same period in 2011, and the cumulative export value reached 9.224 billion US dollars, an increase of 5.0% year-on-year. In the month of December, China's export volume of electric motors and generators was 274.8 million units, and the export value was 818 million US dollars. In terms of investment, it should be planned in advance before the introduction of favorable policies. The market application rate of high-efficiency motors is still low, but with the support of minimum energy efficiency standards and subsidy policies, the market application rate of high-efficiency motors will increase significantly in the future. The motor system includes a control device, a motor, a towed device, a transmission device, and a pipe network load. It is a complex system involving multiple disciplines, specialties, and fields.


Strategic emerging industries, contract energy management policies, market-oriented energy-saving and environmental protection service system construction, comprehensive utilization of resources and remanufacturing, and energy-saving products. The promotion of high-efficiency motors for motors brings significant opportunities for the development of the motor industry. Related motor manufacturers And motor supporting enterprises also ushered in the market growth potential of product replacement. Especially in order to adapt to the energy-saving technology innovation trend in the low-carbon economy era, high-efficiency motors have gradually become the mainstream of the future market.


The annual power consumption of electric motors in China exceeds 2 trillion kilowatt-hours, accounting for about 60% of the national power consumption and 80% of the industrial power consumption. The energy consumption of high-efficiency motors is 20% to 30% lower than that of ordinary motors, but the market share of high-efficiency motors in China is only 10%. Therefore, vigorously promoting high-efficiency motors will have certain significance for the country to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and its potential market opportunities are also beginning to emerge. .


Although there are many types of motor products in China, the efficiency is generally not high, and there is a serious phenomenon of "big horse-drawn carts". The promotion and application of high-efficiency motors is urgent. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China will focus on energy-saving engineering of motor systems, equipment manufacturing adjustment and revitalization, and vigorous advancement of technologies in the field of new energy. It will optimize the development of a group of key products of high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, and eliminate a group of motor products of ordinary efficiency. Product updates. In the "High Energy Consumption Backward Mechanical and Electrical Equipment (Products) Elimination Catalogue (Second Batch)" released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the motor equipment is listed therein, which indicates that the motor industry in China is about to face new developments in the market and technology.


In order to effectively eliminate low-efficiency motors and speed up the promotion of high-efficiency motors, the new version of the National Standard for Small and Medium-Sized Three-phase Asynchronous Motors “Energy Efficiency Limit Values ​​and Energy Efficiency Levels” issued by the National Standardization Administration Committee was implemented in September 2012. Impact. At present, China's large-scale production of Y, Y2, Y3 series three-phase asynchronous motors will be banned from production. YX3 series high-efficiency three-phase asynchronous motors that enjoy the national Huimin project may no longer receive policy subsidies. The development and promotion of high-efficiency electric motors are like arrows in a string.


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