Electric Motor Manufacturer - Electric Motor Overload Protection Principle


Electric Motor Manufacturer    description: The overloa […]

Electric Motor Manufacturer    description: The overload protection of the Electric Motor is widely used as an important measure of Electric Motor protection. Its principle is that when the Electric Motor is overloaded, the current increases and the winding overheats. If the time is too long, the insulation will be damaged. The function of overload protection is to cut off the power supply in time and limit the overheating time of the Electric Motor to prevent insulation damage. It is divided into two ways, one is the opening and closing of the thermal effect element action control contact, which is typically represented by a common thermal relay using bimetal action. The other is to use an overcurrent detection circuit to directly detect the current magnitude, and finally drive the electromagnetic relay or solid state relay to disconnect the power supply. Typical examples are overcurrent relays and various types of Electric Motor protectors. It also has short circuit protection.


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