Electric Motor Manufacturer Introduces Stepper Motor


Stepper motor, also known as pulse motor, is based on t […]

Stepper motor, also known as pulse motor, is based on the basic electromagnet principle. It is an electromagnet that can rotate freely. Its action principle is to generate electromagnetic torque by changing the air gap permeability. Its original model originated from year to year. At the beginning of the year, attempts to control were applied to the electrode transport mechanism of the hydrogen arc lamp. This is considered to be the original stepper motor. At the beginning of the twentieth century, stepper motors were widely used in telephone automatic switches. Because Western capitalist powers compete for colonies, stepper motors are widely used in independent systems such as ships and airplanes that lack AC power. The invention of transistors in the late 1950s was gradually applied to stepper motors, making it easier to control digital. After the 1980s, the control method of the stepping motor was more flexible due to the appearance of a cheap microcomputer in a multi-functional posture.


The motor manufacturer stated that the biggest difference between a stepper motor and another motor for control purposes is that it receives the digital impulse signal and converts it into an angular displacement or linear displacement corresponding to it, which is itself a digital mode conversion. operating units. Moreover, it can control the open loop position, and input a pulse signal to obtain a specified position increment. Compared with the conventional DC control system, the so-called incremental position control system has a significantly reduced cost, and almost no system adjustment is necessary. The angular displacement of the stepper motor is strictly proportional to the number of pulses input and is synchronized with the pulse in time. Thus, as long as the number of pulses, the frequency and the phase sequence of the motor windings are controlled, the desired angle, speed and direction can be obtained.


China's stepper motor started in the early 1970s. From the mid-1970s to the mid-eighties, it was the development stage of finished products. New varieties and high-performance motors were continuously developed. At present, with the development of science and technology, especially The development of permanent magnet materials, semiconductor technology and computer technology has made stepper motors widely used in many fields.