Formation and elimination of hydraulic motor "crawling"   


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Taizhou Eternal Hydraulic Machine Co ,Ltd  is a professional hydraulic motor manufacturer and hydraulic motor supplier in China with many years of practical experience. Therefore, the cause analysis and troubleshooting methods for hydraulic motor crawling faults are proposed:


1. Phenomenon: When the platform rotates, it will suddenly stop and move, that is, the rotation will be discontinuous. Slow speed, insufficient strength, etc.


2. Analysis of the cause: The hydraulic motor is an energy conversion device, that is, the input liquid pressure can convert the mechanical energy output. If the efficiency of the pressure motor itself is not considered, the input of the energy should be equal to the output. From this point of view, the rotation of the hydraulic motor is inevitable, and the energy of the input hydraulic motor is reduced. When the energy is difficult to overcome the resistance of the platform, the stall occurs.


3, the elimination method: According to the hydraulic transmission principle, the hydraulic motor is rotated by the liquid pressure. The hydraulic motor stops when the control valve is connected to the pressure oil passage, which is necessarily caused by the oil working pressure of the input hydraulic motor plunger cylinder being insufficient to overcome the running resistance of the platform. When the energy to be accumulated is enough to overcome the resistance, the hydraulic motor makes the overcoming resistance and jumps, the oil pressure in the system drops sharply, and the motor stops again, which repeatedly forms a platform to "crawl" or prevents the hydraulic motor from rotating. Excessive resistance leads to “crawling”. So we only need to reduce the flow and working pressure of the input hydraulic fluid.