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What are the oil change methods for gear pumps? What ar […]

What are the oil change methods for gear pumps? What are their characteristics?     Gear Pump Manufacturers    introduction:

1 fixed cycle oil change method.
This method is based on different equipment, different working conditions and different oil products, the hydraulic oil is used for half a year, one year, or 1000 to 2000 working hours to replace the hydraulic oil. Although this method is widely used in practical work, it is unscientific, the gear pump can not find the abnormal pollution of the hydraulic oil in time, can not protect the hydraulic system well, and cannot use the hydraulic oil resources reasonably.

2 on-site identification of oil changes.
In this method, the identified hydraulic oil is placed in a transparent glass container and compared with the new oil for visual inspection. The degree of contamination is determined intuitively, or the nitric acid etching test is performed on the field with a pH test paper to determine the identified concentration. Whether the pressure oil needs to be replaced. For details, please refer to the on-site identification of hydraulic oil pollution and oil pressure appearance judgment and treatment measures.

3 comprehensive analysis of oil changes.
This method is a periodic sampling test to determine the necessary physical and chemical properties in order to continuously monitor the deterioration of the hydraulic oil and determine when to change the oil according to the actual situation. This method has a scientific basis and is therefore accurate and reliable, in line with the principle of oil change. However, certain equipment and laboratory instruments are often required. The operation technology is complicated, the test results have a certain lag, and it must be tested by the oil company. This method has been widely adopted internationally. In actual work, if only one indicator of hydraulic oil exceeds the specified value, you can continue to use it while observing the symptoms. If there are three indicators that have exceeded the specified value, the hydraulic oil should be replaced immediately.