Gear Pump Manufacturers - Gear Pump: Cavity Design , Suction Shoe Design


The gear pump consists of a driver and a pump head. Mos […]

The gear pump consists of a driver and a pump head. Most commonly, drives are used in conjunction with the following two options for gear pump heads.



Cavity designs are designed to handle higher inlet pressures. They use two or more rotating gears to mesh together and rely on the surrounding fluid pressure in the magnetic cup to maintain a tight seal between the gear teeth. This pump head is best suited for applications that require suction lift, frequent cycling or pressurized inlets.


Suction shoe design provides higher delivery pressure and excellent starting performance. These pressure-loaded pump heads have a suction shoe around the inlet. The higher pressure in the magnetic cup relative to the inlet side holds the gear and the suction shoe tightly together. This design ensures complete fluid transfer with no backflow or leaks between the gear ends even under increased pressure, which improves volumetric accuracy. Because pump efficiency increases with increasing discharge pressure, these pump heads work well in applications that require high initial pressure differentials and precise flow.


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