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The inner hole of the shaft sleeve of the gear pump, th […]

The inner hole of the shaft sleeve of the gear pump, the outer circle of the shaft sleeve, the uniform wear and scratches of the shaft and the pump casing of the gear pump are between 0.02-0.20mm, which should be used with high hardness, strong bonding force with parts, and wear resistance Good arc spray repair process. The process of arc spraying: pretreatment of working surface → preheating → spraying of bonding substrate → spraying of working layer → cooling → coating treatment.

During the gear pump spraying process, the workpiece must be free of oil, rust, uniform and rough surface, suitable preheating temperature, uniform and firm bottom layer, smooth and flat working layer, reliable melting and bonding of material particles, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance . The quality of the spray coating has a lot to do with the surface treatment method and spraying process of the workpiece. Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate surface treatment method and spraying process. In addition, during spraying and spraying, thin iron or copper sheets should be used to bundle unpainted parts adjacent to the surface being coated.

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