Gear Pump Manufacturers - Installation And Maintenance Of Gear Pump


Gear pumps need to be well and firmly installed, PRV to […]

Gear pumps need to be well and firmly installed, PRV to protect the pump from overpressure and ensure the supply of cleaning liquid. Bearings with outboard bearings require lubricated bearings. Mechanical seals present a range of problems, and if possible, choose a pump that does not use them. If mechanical seals are installed, it is important to ensure that the shaft runs correctly, that process pressure and flow are stable and that they do not fluctuate violently to load bearings and gear teeth unevenly.


Gear teeth must not run idly. Unlubricated teeth can rub against each other and wear out. If these pumps operate in a dry state and the temperature rises, the gears will expand and begin to rub on the housing. This will tear the shell and teeth. Either the pump is damaged or the small housing clearance is lost and then recirculation is allowed inside the pump. The best protection against idling is to install a flow switch in the suction line. If there is no flow, the switch will turn off the power to the pump.


When using a gear pump, if there is no head to prevent a closed valve or blockage, a pressure relief valve must be installed to protect the pump. The PRV can be piped back to the suction side of the pump or into the supply tank.


The pump driven by a belt drive has the added protection that if the pump is headless, the belt will slip in the pulley. If you want to drive the pump with a belt, make sure to install a bearing with heavy radial load capacity. If a drive coupling is used between the motor and pump, the shaft must be precisely aligned within 0.05 mm (0.002 inch) between the motor shaft end and the pump shaft end using a laser or inverted dial method. Misaligned shafts create orbital motion that loads the bearings and deforms the shafts as they rotate. Flexible couplings will transfer these loads.


These pumps need to be sturdy and securely mounted on a sturdy metal base and base. If direct online drive via a coupling is used, the entire pump set must be mounted on a solid steel frame and the flatness of the pump foot position should be within 0.025 (0.001 ")


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