Gear Pump Manufacturers-Operating Structure Of Gear Pump


The   Gear Pump Manufacturers   states that gear pumps […]

The   Gear Pump Manufacturers   states that gear pumps use two meshing toothed gears to force water from the pump's inlet to outlet. Use a toothed gear to rotate inside a housing that allows tolerances to suck in the liquid and then squeeze it out. The paddle steamer uses the same operating principle. These pumps are positive displacement pumps, and anything that is inhaled is expelled. As a result, they generate high exhaust pressures. Structural materials range from metals of various types and hardnesses to plastics of various types and hardnesses.


Gear pumps usually have a shaft through the housing for connection to a drive. The gear shaft on smaller pumps can be supported in journal bearings in the end of the housing and lubricated by the product. On large pumps, use rolling bearings mounted in a bearing housing. In order to prevent tooth surfaces from abrasion, the product must be lubricated.


Maintaining tight tolerances between the housing and the gear is essential for efficient operation. The gap between the teeth and the edge of the housing and the gap between the end of the cog and the rear and front walls of the housing are small. The gap between the teeth and the housing is approximately 0.1 mm (0.004 inches), while the clearance between the gear's front and rear surfaces and the housing ends is only 0.025 mm (0.001 inches). The small gap reduces the recirculation of liquid from high pressure discharge to the low pressure suction side, making these pumps one of the most efficient.


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