Gear Pump Seal O-Ring Use: What Should Be Noted?


The shape is widely used in a variety of hydraulic and […]

The shape is widely used in a variety of hydraulic and pneumatic parts, cylindrical surfaces and flange surfaces. For O-rings used in sports sessions, when the working pressure is greater than lOMPa, such as one-way Pressing, a retaining ring is placed on the side of the other side of the O-ring in the direction of compression; if two-way is pressed, a retaining ring is placed on each side of the O-ring. In order to reduce the friction, a wedge-shaped retaining ring can also be used. When the pressure liquid exerts a force from the left, the right retaining ring is pushed up, and the left retaining ring is not in contact with the sealed surface, so the friction is reduced. . In general, the use of the retaining ring increases the friction of the sealing device, and the wedge retaining ring is very important for reducing the friction. For a fixed O-ring, when the working pressure is greater than 32 MPa, It is also necessary to use a retaining ring.


After the O-ring is used with the retaining ring, the two working pressures can be greatly improved. The static sealing pressure can be increased to 200 to 700 MPa. Dynamic MPa, and the retaining ring also helps the O-ring to maintain good lubrication


Parker Gear Pump    tips: When using the gear pump O-ring as a reciprocating seal, it is necessary to pay attention to the damage caused by the rolling ring due to rolling torsion and the increase of friction caused by adhesion, resulting in failure. If the O-ring is properly assembled and used properly, it is generally not easy to roll or twist in the moving state because the contact area of ​​the O-ring with the sealing groove is larger than the friction contact area on the sliding surface, and the O-ring The resistance of the original can prevent the distortion. At the same time, the frictional cloth tends to keep the O-ring stationary in its groove, because the static friction is greater than the sliding friction, and the surface of the sealing groove is generally not as good. The sliding surface is smooth.