Gear Pumps And Peristaltic Pumps: Their Respective Characteristics


Gear pumps are more time consuming to maintain than per […]

Gear pumps are more time consuming to maintain than peristaltic pumps because users must turn on the pump to clean their gears and pump heads. Similarly, gear pumps may be limited in terms of chemical compatibility, and their pump materials are usually made of stainless steel, PTFE or PEEK. In the end, the particles in the gear pump are messy and the pump is not very tolerant of them. In this case, a peristaltic pump may be a better choice.



Although peristaltic pumps have many advantages, gear pumps are sometimes a better choice than peristaltic pumps. Compared to peristaltic pumps, gear pumps provide a larger flow range and larger ranges than hose pumps. Because gear pumps can use harder tubing as the solution enters and leaves the pump, there is little liquid absorption. In contrast, peristaltic pumps operate using more flexible tubes, allowing certain fluids to absorb and fluctuate.



Gear pumps are usually the best pump to use when applications require a constant flow of clean fluid that does not contain particles. For example, in industrial applications, such as pumping ink, paint, or for injecting pipes, a gear pump is recommended.




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