How To Reduce The Loss Of Hydraulic Motor Pressure Energy?


What should be done to reduce the pressure loss of the […]

What should be done to reduce the pressure loss of the hydraulic motor?    Hydraulic Motor manufacturers   answers:

To reduce the pressure energy loss when using a hydraulic motor, first start from the inside and reduce the power loss while reducing the internal pressure loss of the system. To solve this problem, it is possible to improve the pressure loss of the internal flow path of the component, using an integrated circuit and a casting flow path. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce or eliminate the throttling loss of the system, minimize the overflow required for non-safety, and avoid the use of a throttling system to regulate the flow and pressure.

In the use of materials, materials made by static pressure technology and new sealing materials can be used, so that the friction loss can be effectively reduced. Maintenance during use is indispensable. Maintaining the hydraulic motor in time to prevent pollution from affecting the life and reliability of the motor. It is necessary to develop a new pollution detection method. Online measurement of pollution should be adjusted in time, and no lag is allowed. Loss caused by untimely processing. Hydraulic motors need to reduce the pressure energy loss, and manufacturers and consumers need to work together, so that the pressure energy loss can be prevented to a large extent.