Hydraulic Motor Manufacturers -4 Types Of Hydraulic Motor Features


Hydraulic drive systems use pressurized hydraulic oil t […]

Hydraulic drive systems use pressurized hydraulic oil to power hydraulic machinery. These systems consist of hydraulic pumps, motors and hydraulic cylinders. Converts hydraulic pressure and flow into torque and rotation, providing force and motion to move external loads.

There are four types of hydraulic motors, usually divided into high speed, low torque (HSLT) or low speed, high torque (LSHT):


Gear-When hydraulic oil enters the motor, the gear rotates; the rotational motion is generated by the motor output shaft connected to one of the gears.


Blades-Rectangular blades move in and out of the central rotor connected to the output shaft. When hydraulic oil is applied to the blades, the output shaft rotates.


In-line or curved shaft pistons-These motors can be variable or fixed displacement for higher speed and efficiency.


Radial Piston-In a radial piston motor, the piston is placed perpendicular to the output shaft. When hydraulic oil enters the motor, the piston will force the cam to rotate.


For applications such as rigs, military wheels, excavators, cranes, winches, etc., the choice of hydraulic motor depends on the type of performance required.


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