Hydraulic Motor Manufacturers-Basic Elements Of Hydraulic Motors


In short, all hydraulic power systems contain the same […]

In short, all hydraulic power systems contain the same four basic elements. they are:


Drive surface area under different pressures
Method for timing hydraulic oil flowing through motor
Output shaft
Mechanical connection between the surface generating the output pressure and the motor itself


The size of these components affects the speed, pressure, flow, strength and efficiency of the hydraulic motor, but the basic concepts are the same in every respect. Basically, hydraulic motors use variable pressure transmitted through hydraulic oil to increase and amplify force in an energy-efficient manner.



Torque may be an important term related to hydraulic motors. It is used to describe the engine's ability to convert pressure into motion and is measured in Newton meters (Nm) or inch pounds (lbf). The hydraulic motor will have starting torque and running torque. The starting torque is the force required to start the rotation of the motor, and the running torque is the pressure generated by maintaining the operation at a certain speed. Torque ripple is the difference between the minimum and maximum torque transmitted by a single rotation of the motor.


Motor displacement is an important term. It refers to how much hydraulic oil is required to make one revolution of the motor, measured in centimeters or inches per revolution. The electric motor can be a fixed or variable displacement type, which means that priority is given to torque or speed. Fixed displacement motors prioritize torque under constant pressure. Speed ​​can be controlled by changing the amount of fluid flowing into the motor. In a variable displacement motor, both torque and speed can be controlled.



Hydraulic fluids come in a variety of weights, which refers to the viscosity of the fluid. Different types of hydraulic fluids can withstand different temperature ranges. It is recommended to use hydraulic fluids with different chemical compositions for different applications. Using the right fluid is critical because any mistake can cause costly damage to the equipment. When changing or replenishing hydraulic oil, it is important to filter it before entering the system (we have written more about this topic on this blog before). Contaminated hydraulic oil can cause the same problems as using the incorrect product, and it is important for operators to understand how their actions affect machine operation and cause problems.


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