Hydraulic Motor Manufacturers Explain: Essentials Of Hydraulic Motor Knowledge


Understanding the basics of a hydraulic motor is absolu […]

Understanding the basics of a hydraulic motor is absolutely vital. As one of the most important parts of the entire system, mastering the hydraulic motor is the key to understanding the entire hydraulic system.


Common characteristics of all hydraulic motors:

Various motors of the hydraulic system have the same function. These include:

· The driving surface is affected by pressure differences.

-A method of timing pressure fluid to the ground by continuous rotation.

Mechanical connection between surface areas
Output shaft.
Changes to these basic components allow different motors to provide different levels of service. Some functions that may be affected by different size parts of the motor include pressure, flow, torque output, service life, speed and overall efficiency of the hydraulic motor itself.

Understand the basic terminology of hydraulic motors
If you want to understand how hydraulic motors work, you need to understand a variety of terms. Some of them are very simple, while others seem complicated at first glance.

Motor Displacement-This term refers to the amount of fluid required to turn the output shaft of a hydraulic motor. Usually, the unit of this variable is cm3 or in.3 per revolution. The displacement of these motors can be fixed or variable.

With a fixed displacement motor, you will be able to make the most of constant torque. In these models, the speed is changed by controlling the amount of fluid flowing into the hydraulic motor itself.

Variable displacement motors provide variable torque as well as adjustable torque. Input flow and pressure remain constant, and torque speed ratios can be varied to meet changing load requirements.

Torque output-This measurement is in inches-pounds or feet-pounds. As a function of system pressure and motor displacement, these components are usually rated for a specific pressure drop across the hydraulic motor. Measure torque without mechanical loss.

Running torque-This term can refer to the load of the motor or the motor itself. When it comes to a specific load, it represents the torque required to keep the load turning. When it comes to hydraulic motors, running torque represents the actual torque that the motor can produce to maintain the load in motion.

This indicator takes into account the low efficiency of the hydraulic motor and is a percentage of the theoretical torque. This is usually about 90% of the theoretical value.

Starting torque-This refers to the ability of a hydraulic motor to start a load. In simple terms, it indicates how much torque is needed to initiate load steering using an electric motor.

Torque Ripple-This is the difference between the minimum and maximum torque transmitted at a given pressure during one revolution of the motor.

Mechanical efficiency-this means the ratio of the actual transmitted torque to the theoretical torque.

Motor Speed-Motor speed is a function of motor displacement and the amount of fluid delivered to the hydraulic motor. It is also worth knowing the maximum and minimum motor speeds of your components.

As you might guess, the maximum is the maximum speed at which the motor can sustain itself for a limited time. It is worth noting that this indicator may change depending on the inlet pressure. The minimum value is the slowest, continuous and uninterrupted speed that the motor shaft can provide.

Slipping-This is a leak of hydraulic oil through the motor. This may also mean that the fluid actually passes through the motor itself without any work.

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