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The displacement of the hydraulic motor automatically c […]

The displacement of the hydraulic motor automatically changes with the load pressure. It has similar working performance as the torque converter, fully conforms to the characteristics of the traveling machine and has a series of new features:

It greatly expands the torque range of the hydraulic transmission to adapt to variable load. The load torque is the product of the pressure and the motor displacement. If it is a fixed motor, the load torque is proportional to the working pressure. With the variable motor controlled by HA, the load torque is proportional to the square of the working pressure. Therefore, the torque capacity is increased corresponding to a certain working pressure range.

The high-efficiency zone of the hydraulic components of the hydraulic motor is in the medium-high pressure range. Working in the high-pressure zone is beneficial to exert the dynamics of the components and reduce the cost, but the transmission efficiency and life are reduced. The selection of the high-pressure zone is reasonably matched by the rated pressure and the highest pressure, that is, Appropriate pressure derating configuration to solve "1. And the restrictions on the low-pressure zone is also important. For a load-changing condition, the component working in the low-pressure zone means that the motor works at a large displacement, which inevitably causes the transmission The efficiency is reduced and the productivity of the work is reduced, and the function of the machine cannot be exerted. The HA control reduces the motor displacement at a small load to increase the running speed, and raises the low load pressure to the medium and high pressure area, so that the transmission maintains a proper load under any external load. Rate, which improves transmission efficiency and productivity. The low speed required by the vehicle is achieved by reducing the engine speed, which is important for reducing energy consumption.

The combination of hydraulic pump DA control in hydraulic motor can form an ideal traction vehicle drive device. HA control automatically adjusts the displacement of the motor according to the external load, so that the hydraulic device maintains a reasonable working pressure and completes the hydraulic transmission. Zone, high productivity, reasonable load selection; pump DA control to complete the selection of reasonable load rate of the engine. DA-HA transmission is an automatic control, reasonable load rate, efficient, high productivity, cost-effective transmission .

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