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Hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor are indispensable hy […]

Hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor are indispensable hydraulic components on every excavator, and their structure and working principle are very similar. What is the difference between them? China hydraulic motor manufacturer, supplier & Taizhou Yongchang Hydraulic Machinery explained:

Similarities between hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps:
(1) In principle, the hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump are reversible. If driven by a motor, the hydraulic energy (pressure and flow) is output, this is the hydraulic pump; if the pressure oil is input, the mechanical energy (rotation) is output. Torque and speed), it becomes a hydraulic motor.

(2) Structurally, the two are similar.

(3) In terms of working principle, both of them use the change of sealed working volume to suck oil and drain oil. For hydraulic pumps, oil is sucked when the working volume is increased, and high pressure oil is discharged when the working volume is reduced. For hydraulic motors, high-pressure oil enters when the working volume increases, and low-pressure oil discharges when the working volume decreases.

Differences between hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps:
(1) The hydraulic pump is an energy device, and the hydraulic motor is an actuator. The hydraulic pump is a conversion device that converts the mechanical energy of the motor into hydraulic energy. The output volume and pressure are expected to be high in volumetric efficiency. The hydraulic motor is a device that converts the pressure energy of the liquid into mechanical energy and outputs torque and speed.

(2) The steering of the output shaft of the hydraulic motor must be able to rotate forward and reverse, so its structure is symmetrical; and some hydraulic pumps (such as gear pumps, vane pumps, etc.) have clear regulations for steering, and can only rotate in one direction. You cannot change the direction of rotation at will.

(3) In addition to the oil inlet and outlet of the hydraulic motor, there are separate oil leakage ports; hydraulic pumps generally have only oil inlet and outlet (except for axial piston pumps), and the leaked oil inside is connected to the oil inlet.

(4) The volumetric efficiency of hydraulic motors is lower than that of hydraulic pumps.

(5) Generally, the working speed of the hydraulic pump is relatively high, while the output speed of the hydraulic motor is low. In addition, the gear pump has a large oil suction port and a small oil discharge port, while the gear hydraulic motor has the same size of the suction and oil discharge ports.

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