Hydraulic Motor Manufacturers Introduction - Vane Hydraulic Motor


According to the   Hydraulic Motor manufacturers   , th […]

According to the   Hydraulic Motor manufacturers   , the output torque of the vane hydraulic motor is related to the displacement of the hydraulic motor and the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the hydraulic motor. The speed is determined by the flow rate of the input hydraulic motor. Since the hydraulic motor generally requires positive and negative reversal, the blades of the vane hydraulic motor are placed radially.


The working principle of the vane motor is opposite to that of the vane pump, which is driven by the hydraulic torque generated when the working blades are subjected to the inlet and outlet pressures respectively. The main difference between it and the vane pump is:


1 The motor must have a blade pressing mechanism to ensure that the blade can be pressed against the inner surface of the stator before starting, otherwise it will not start.


2 The pump only needs to rotate in one direction, and the motor often needs to be positive and negative. Therefore, the blades of the motor are placed radially, the top ends of the blades are symmetrical, and the two main ports have the same diameter. When the bearing needs to be drained, there must be a separate drain pipe for the fuel tank.


Compared with the plunger motor, the vane type motor has a simple structure and a light weight per unit displacement. However, its volumetric efficiency is low (<90%) and the working pressure is only in the medium and low pressure range. In addition, the blade tip has a large frictional force on the inner surface of the stator, low mechanical efficiency (<85%) and starting efficiency (80%~85%), and low stability at low speed (nmin is 4~6r/min).


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