Hydraulic Motor Manufacturers - The Reason Why Hydraulic Motors Are Valued


Hydraulic motors are now more and more people's attenti […]

Hydraulic motors are now more and more people's attention, so what are the characteristics? The    Hydraulic Motor manufacturers    stated:

1. High mechanical efficiency and high starting torque. These are all because of its unique design results. There is no lateral force between the piston of the oil motor and the pendulum steel, and the bottom of the piston is also a static pressure balance design.

2. High volumetric efficiency. Because the planar distributor is simple and reliable, it can improve the sealing performance, so it can have good low-speed stability.

3. The speed adjustment range is large. Because of the reduced friction loss in construction, coupled with excellent sealing and low speed stability, it can operate smoothly under 1r/min working conditions.

4. Because of the snap ring, there is no gap between the piston and the bearing sleeve, so that the oil motor can be operated at a high speed under the free wheel working condition.

5. Although the hydraulic motor is light in weight and small in size, it has high power and can withstand high pressure.

6. Because the oil motor is designed with the performance in mind, its reliability, service life, noise and other parameters have excellent performance.

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