Hydraulic Motor Manufacturers-Thermal Analysis And Solutions For Hydraulic Motors


Hydraulic motor is the main heat source in the hydrauli […]

Hydraulic motor is the main heat source in the hydraulic system. Hydraulic motors are actuators that mainly perform rotary motions, a process that converts pressure energy into mechanical energy.

Fever, as its name implies, is the loss of energy, that is, a lot of power is directly turned into heat by doing useless work. That is to say, under the same working conditions, the more severe the heating of the hydraulic motor is, the worse the performance of the hydraulic motor is, and the general mechanical efficiency is lower. Therefore, when designing a hydraulic motor, try to achieve static pressure balance and small mechanical friction coefficient, so as to improve the mechanical efficiency as much as possible without causing the hydraulic motor to heat up very seriously. However, heating of the hydraulic motor is inevitable during operation.

There may be two factors that determine the heating of the hydraulic motor, namely the working pressure and the working speed. Generally, the higher the pressure and the rotating speed, the more severe the heating of the hydraulic motor will be.

Generally, the working oil temperature of the hydraulic motor should be controlled below 70 ° C. If it is too high, a cooling system must be used. Common cooling systems include water cooling and air cooling. The effect of water cooling is better. The better the heat control of the hydraulic system, the better the stability of the hydraulic system, and the better the hydraulic components will be.

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