Hydraulic Motor Torque Calculation Method   


The hydraulic motor is a very important member of the h […]

The hydraulic motor is a very important member of the hydraulic system. It is mainly the actuator in this system. It can convert the liquid pressure provided by the hydraulic pump into the mechanical energy of the output shaft. These mechanical energy can include torque and speed. For new users, the hydraulic motor torque calculation method must be the information you want to know.

From the point of view of energy conversion, the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor are reversible hydraulic components, and the input of the working fluid to any one of the hydraulic pumps can make it into a hydraulic motor condition; conversely, when the main shaft of the hydraulic motor is external When the torque is driven to rotate, it can also be changed to the hydraulic pump working condition. Because they have the same basic structural elements - a closed and periodically variable volume and a corresponding oil distribution mechanism.

However, due to the different working conditions of hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps, their performance requirements are different, so there are still many differences between hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps of the same type. First of all, the hydraulic motor should be able to be positive and reverse, thus requiring its internal structure to be symmetrical; the speed range of the hydraulic motor needs to be large enough, especially for its minimum stable speed.

Torque (Nm) = Displacement (ml/rev) x Working pressure (MPa) x 0.16 (coefficient) Displacement can be seen on the product label, the working pressure depends on the pressure gauge at the motor inlet, know these two The value can be used to calculate the motor output torque at this time.

With the role of hydraulic motors in mining machinery, injection molding machinery, construction machinery, hoisting machines, engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery, petrochemicals, port machinery and other fields, accelerating the research on hydraulic motors has become the focus of many researchers. . I believe this is a very advantageous advantage for the future of hydraulic motors. At the same time, facing the huge market in China, the future of hydraulic motors will definitely bring more surprises to everyone.