What are the operating principles of the vane pump?


First, when the work is done, when the column turns col […]

First, when the work is done, when the column turns cold, then the oil supply will begin to change without any change in production time. If the oil supply time is gone, then the beveled edge of the vane pump faces the vane pump. The position of the various oil return holes in the sleeve changes with the changes in the position of the oil return holes. And as the angle of rotation of the paddle pump is not the same then the stroke, effective of the paddle pump at this time will also change, and then it will change due to the difference in the amount of oil supplied.
Second, when the vane pump is working, the rotation angle for the non-supply position will be larger, so the distance from the upper end of the vane pump on the oblique side of the opening oil hole The vane pump sleeve will be larger. If the amount of oil supply will become gradually larger, if the vane pump is rotating at an angle that is relatively small, if the oil cutting time is earlier, then the amount of oil supply will be relatively small. When the diesel engine use is required to perform the oil cutting operation when parking, the various longitudinal grooves can also be directly turned towards the oil return hole directly in front of the pump housing of vanes.
3. At this time, during operation of the entire vane pump, the fuel inside the vane pump jacket will always flow back to the oil passage through the longitudinal slot and the oil return hole, and there will be a process without oil pressure, so it can be said that the amount of oil will generally be equal to zero. When the vane pump is turned, the end of the fuel supply can be used to adjust the amount of oil. This method can generally be called the end point adjustment method of the Oil Supply

Fourth, the different fuel supply of the Vickers vane pump should also meet the needs of the diesel engine in various conditions, that is, the oil supply will increase when the load is large: the oil supply when the negative tea is small Will continue to decrease. At the same time, it can be assured that the oil supply to each cylinder must be equal.
5. According to the requirements of use of the machine, the oil pump must guarantee that the oil supply in each cylinder is the same at the beginning, that is, the oil in the different cylinders is consistent in advance, which also ensures the moment of the oil supply method. the same, and the need to start quickly when the oil is supplied, and quickly and cleanly when the oil is stopped, the phenomenon of oil dripping can be avoided. The oil pump must be able to provide enough pressure for the Injector to provide enough fuel to ensure good atomization.