Maintenance Tips Parker Gear Pump


1. Regularly check whether the components are abnormal. […]

1. Regularly check whether the components are abnormal. If there are any abnormalities, check the instructions or other materials and replace the parts if necessary. Check the parker gear pump piping and joints for looseness. Turn the parker gear pump with your hand or tool to see if the parker gear pump is flexible.


2. Try to control the flow and head of the parker gear pump within the range indicated on the label to ensure that the self-priming pump operates at the highest efficiency point to achieve maximum energy savings.


3. During the operation of the parker gear pump, the bearing temperature must not exceed the ambient temperature of 35C, and the maximum temperature must not exceed 80C.


4. If you find that the parker gear pump has abnormal sound, stop it immediately and check the cause.


5. When the parker gear pump is to be stopped, stop the motor and pressure gauge first, then close the gate valve.


6. The cable should be inspected at least once a year. If it is damaged, please replace it.


7. Carefully listen to the abnormal operation of the motor. Because the machine room is noisy during operation, you can use the auxiliary tools such as a screwdriver or a stick to close the two ends of the motor. If you listen frequently, you can find the motor and its dragging device. Vibration, even the number of internal bearing oil can be judged, so as to timely add bearing oil, or replace the new bearing and other corresponding measures to avoid the motor bearing dry oil and dry grinding and block, turn the outer circle, broom burnout.


8. After the parker gear pump fails, please follow the troubleshooting method. If it still can't be solved, and you can't determine the cause, don't disassemble it. You should immediately find someone to repair it.