Parker Gear Pump Description: Viscosity Range Of Gear Pump


Gear pumps are often chosen to handle high viscosity li […]

Gear pumps are often chosen to handle high viscosity liquids. The tight clearance of its working parts effectively pumps high pressure liquid. Low viscosity liquids tend to slide over these narrow spaces from the high pressure discharge side of the pump back to the low pressure suction side of the pump. The slip phenomenon causes a decrease in flow rate and pump efficiency. The slip depends on the magnitude of the differential pressure (for example, the difference between the discharge pressure and the suction pressure), the viscosity of the liquid, and the working clearance inside the pump. As the viscosity decreases, the differential pressure and the gearbox gap increase, the slip ratio increases. It is usually measured as a percentage reduction from the ideal flow rate (eg, zero slip flow). The "flow and pressure" curve for a dilute liquid (a relatively low viscosity liquid) has a higher slope, indicating that the flow rate decreases significantly as the pressure differential increases.



Parker Gear Pump    state that gear pumps are typically suitable for liquids with a kinematic viscosity in the range of approximately 2 to 400,000 cSt. Another very rough indication is that gear pumps are used for liquids that are more than twice as viscous as water (about 1 cSt). When the kinematic viscosity is close to 300–1,000 cSt, the slip is usually close to zero. Liquids with higher viscosities typically require lower pump speeds to allow liquid to fill the space between the rotating gear teeth.




In a chemical process, many liquids have a viscosity of about 3–30 times that of water; for example, ethylene glycol has a viscosity of about 16 times that of water. Processors also use liquids that are 100 to 1200 times more viscous than water. A good example is glycerin, a simple polyol compound that has a viscosity of about 1,000 times that of water and is used in some pharmaceutical industries. (Equipment lubricants such as engine oils and gear oils, as well as certain heavy fuel oils, are usually within this range.) Gear pumps can handle 3,000 to 10,000 times the viscosity of honey, even at a viscosity of 3,000. Up to 10,000 times the material. The range is 50,000-200,000 times that of peanut butter.




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