Parker Gear Pump: Design And Application Characteristics Of Gear Pumps


Parker Gear Pump   Explain: Gear pumps are designed to […]

Parker Gear Pump   Explain: Gear pumps are designed to be suitable for cleaning liquids. Make sure they are aspirating liquid from above the bottom of the tank in a clean liquid space. Both low and high viscosity liquids can be pumped. If you want to pump shear-sensitive food-grade products (that is, where pump agitation can damage cells and fibers), you need to increase the pump size and reduce the speed.


The design also has good suction properties and can be used to pump clean, low viscosity liquids from a good depth or distance. Where high-viscosity liquids are pumped, or when liquids are pumped from a certain depth or distance, the liquid can easily flow into the pump. Install large diameter suction pipes, keep them short, and always place the pump below the fuel supply tank, if possible, so that the suction oil is under a positive pressure head from the stored liquid.


Extremely high tolerances prevent anything with solids or particles from being pumped, as they can be squeezed between the teeth and damage the pump. If there is a risk of solids being sucked into the pump, an easy-to-clean suction pipe filter must be installed. Use a fine mesh screen as much as possible without greatly increasing the suction pressure, otherwise the pump will cavitation. If the particles are so fine that they can pass through a screen, it is better to choose a pump of another design.


As positive displacement pumps, they provide very precise flow rates per revolution, which means they have good metering characteristics regardless of the speed. If the material compatibility problem is solved, the gear pump will become a high-quality chemical additive metering pump.


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