Parker Gear Pump - Domestic Gear Pump Has Hidden Dangers


At present, the domestic gear pump industry is developi […]

At present, the domestic gear pump industry is developing at a fast speed, and the speed is mainly reflected in the production speed, but there is no breakthrough in quality and technology content. Domestic industry competition is often also price competition rather than product performance competition. This year, with the lowering of the entry threshold for the foundry industry, a large number of gear pump manufacturers have emerged in the market. These plants have problems such as low scale, low industrial concentration and weak independent innovation. The crazy price war has brought huge impact to the entire market, and the domestic gear pump market is facing a huge test.


At present, the problems faced by the domestic gear pump industry,    Parker Gear Pump    explained:

1. The gear pump casting industry is developing at a faster speed, but the overall level is still low, the product technology content is low, and key technical components are still dependent on imports. China's existing gear pump level is at least 10 to 20 years behind that of the internationally advanced countries.

2, there are still many defects in quality management, first of all neglected in the process, the production process only weights the speed but does not pay attention to quality. Secondly, many companies clearly have a quality assurance system, but they can't use them in actual work, and the after-sales service is at a low level.

3. China's gear pump casting enterprises have many shortcomings such as small scale, low industrial concentration, unreasonable product structure, weak independent innovation capability, backward equipment and technology, and high input, high consumption, high pollution, low efficiency and low efficiency. The extensive development approach is highlighted. Under the environment of stricter energy conservation and emission reduction requirements, the backward process is not conducive to China's gear pump industry to save costs, but also is not conducive to China's gear pump industry to strive for greater living space in the fierce market competition, more disadvantageous to gears The pump industry has developed for a long time.

Through analysis, we find that there are big problems and hidden dangers in the domestic gear pump industry. These problems are often ignored but fatal. The gear pump industry will only have opportunities for development as soon as possible and scientifically and reasonably solve these problems.