Parker Gear Pump-Gear Pump : Features Of Different Sealing Methods


1.Combined sealing: The most common sealing method in t […]

1.Combined sealing: The most common sealing method in the pump. It is sealed with a seal ring, which is cheap, but it is easy to leak if the pressure is high. (Seal material: graphite + PTFE)

2. Packing seal: oil seal, the seal is relatively better, and the price is cheaper

3. Packing seal: mainly PTFE seal!

4. Mechanical seal: The sealing performance is second only to the magnetic seal, the performance is better, the price is relatively expensive, but sometimes there are leaks

5. Magnetic seal: magnetic shaft seal, no leakage, good sealing performance and high price.

Each type of seal needs to be based on different inlet pressures and sealing properties.

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