Parker Gear Pump-How To Eliminate: Gear Pump Oil Stuck?


Oil trapped phenomenon For gear pumps to work smoothly, […]

Oil trapped phenomenon
For gear pumps to work smoothly, the coincidence of gear meshing must be greater than 1, so there are always two pairs of gears meshing at the same time, and a part of the oil is trapped between the closed cavity surrounded by the two pairs of gear teeth. This closed cavity began to decrease gradually with the rotation of the gear, and then gradually increased. The reduction of the volume of the closed cavity will cause the trapped oil to be squeezed and generate a high pressure, and squeeze out from the gap, causing the oil to generate heat and cause the machine to receive additional loads; and the increase of the volume of the closed cavity It also creates a partial vacuum, which separates the dissolved gas in the oil and produces cavitation. These will produce strong vibration and noise, which is the trapped oil phenomenon of the gear pump.

When the radial unbalance force is large, the shaft can be bent, the tooth top and the housing contact, at the same time, the wear of the bearing is accelerated, and the bearing life is reduced.

Elimination method
The method of eliminating oil traps is usually to open the unloading grooves on the cover plates on both sides, so that when the volume of the closed chamber is reduced, the pressure relief chamber is communicated with the pressure relief chamber through the left unloading groove, and when the volume is increased, the unloading groove and the oil suction chamber on the right Communicate.

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