Parker Gear Pump : Learn About Application Technology For Gear Pumps


A gear pump is a metering pump. It works by capturing f […]

A gear pump is a metering pump. It works by capturing fluid between the teeth of two or three rotating gears. Usually, they are magnetically driven, which means they use less "wet" materials to improve chemical compatibility. The gear pump moves a cavity that rotates instead of reciprocating. These pumps move many small cavities per revolution, so they produce pulses that are less frequent than diaphragm pumps. The main disadvantage of gear pumps is that increasing back pressure does decrease flow rates. They work best when pumped with stable back pressure. Because gear pumps work by transferring fluid between the teeth of two or three rotating gears, they are best suited for applications that do not consider particle contamination due to fluid shear or gear wear.


The gear pump has a true positive displacement, providing precise volume per revolution. Since each fluid chamber passing through the chamber is small and there are many chambers per unit time, the flow is almost pulsation-free.


The gear pump has metering, circulation, metering and transmission functions, which can efficiently provide fast response, continuous flow and dose accuracy. Analytical chemists use gear pumps for dissolution testing, liquid handling, sample dilution and flash chromatography. These pumps handle fluids in a variety of industries, from dispensing spray wax coatings on food to metering spices and fragrances, to adding fluorescent whitening agents to paper. They are found in chemical processing, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, industrial facilities, energy and fuel, and paint and ink production.


Gear pumps are the best choice when looking for hydraulic and power efficiency, corrosion and abrasion resistance, pulsating continuous flow without dynamic seals, and fast response. Because they can run for long periods between maintenance, they are suitable for applications that require continuous work, such as filling and dispensing operations that require pulse-free flow and general transfer and sample transfer.


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