Parker Gear Pump : The Advantages Of In-Line Gear Pump Filtration


Custom rubber mixers use many technologies and processe […]

Custom rubber mixers use many technologies and processes to help prevent contamination of undispersed materials and foreign bodies. One such process is in-line gear pump filtration, which improves the quality of the final product by filtering contaminants during the mixing process.

The gear pump uses two counter-rotating gears to push the rubber mixture through the temperature control chamber. The material is then filtered through a fine-mesh screen and then exited through the die to form a strip.


LMI has in-line gear pump units on each of its three mixing lines, which are supplied directly from the strip mill. When the material is fed through the gear pump, although the pressure in the gear pump is high, the temperature control chamber can ensure that the temperature rise of the material is small.


This process purifies the rubber without altering or damaging the mixture. This makes inline gear pump filters ideal for purifying masterbatches and compounds by curing.


Description of Parker gear pump: The pulling force of the online gear pump creates a unique advantage for material processing. For mixers, it increases the flexibility of raw material selection and improves overall mixing quality.


For part manufacturers, it reduces problems during processing (such as extrusion, molding, or calendering) and predictably and consistently outputs the final part with fewer total defects. This can reduce scrap, which in turn reduces overall production costs.


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