Precautions For The Use Of The Cycloidal Gear Pump Of The Hydraulic Oil Pump


The hydraulic gear oil pump has many operating conditio […]

The hydraulic gear oil pump has many operating conditions, such as the operating temperature of the liquid, the suction side pressure (absolute), the discharge side vessel pressure, the altitude, the ambient temperature, whether the magnetic pump operation is gap or continuous, the position of the gear pump is fixed or Moveable. Although most pumps are always based on different usage environments, sewage pumps, but customers have increasingly demanded product life and efficiency, our engineers are experienced experts in design, material selection, monitoring systems, in addition to In addition to the development of new designs, we often exchange experiences with our users, continually improve our existing technical level and provide the best design solutions for our customers' projects and projects. Many customers benefit from the experience and experience of the Japan Pumps China office. The extensive product range of chemical pumps and strong engineering expertise enable us to provide economical and durable oil pumps that guarantee your use of our products. Worried about it.


The device characteristic curve should also be made if necessary. When designing the layout of the pipeline, you should pay attention to the following items:


A. Reasonably choose the diameter of the pipeline, the diameter of the pipeline is large, the slurry pump is at the same flow rate, the flow velocity is small, the resistance loss is small, but the price is high, and the pipe diameter is small, which will lead to a sharp increase in the resistance loss, so that the pressure of the selected pump Increase, with increased power, cost and operating costs increase. Therefore, it should be considered from a technical and economic perspective.


B. The discharge pipe and its pipe joints should take into account the maximum pressure that can be withstood.


C. The pipe arrangement should be arranged as a straight pipe as much as possible. Minimize the accessories in the pipe and minimize the length of the pipe. When turning, the bending radius of the elbow of the fire pump should be 3 to 5 times the diameter of the pipe. More than 90 ° C.


D. The discharge side of the pump must be equipped with a valve (relief valve) and a check valve. The pipeline pump valve is used to adjust the operating point of the pump, and the check valve prevents the oil pump from reversing when the liquid is reversed. (When the liquid flows backwards, it will generate a huge reverse pressure, which will damage the pump)