Requirements after the gear pump is stopped


Parker gear pump here describes the four requirements o […]

Parker gear pump here describes the four requirements of the gear pump after it stops running:

1 Pumps (hydraulic gear pumps) that transport crystals that are easy to crystallize, easy to solidify, and easy to precipitate. Stop the pump and prevent clogging, and flush the pump and pipeline with water or other medium in time.

2 High-temperature pump parking should be carried out according to the provisions of the equipment technical documents. After parking, it should be half-turned every 20 to 30 minutes until the pump temperature drops to 50 °C.

3 When the cryopump is parked, when there is no special requirement, the (hydraulic vane pump) pump should always be filled with liquid; the suction valve and the discharge valve should be kept normally open; the cryopump with double mechanical seal, the liquid level controller and the pump seal The sealing fluid in the chamber should maintain the pumping pressure of the pump.

4 After the centrifugal oil pump stops running, the pump's population valve should be closed. After the pump is cooled, the valve of the auxiliary system is closed. Drain the liquid accumulated in the pump to prevent rust and cracking.