Three Cylinder Piston Pump Operation Precautions


The three-cylinder piston pump needs to pay attention t […]

The three-cylinder piston pump needs to pay attention to the following points during operation:


1. Before starting, first check if the oil and water tank are short of oil or water.


2. Check if the spray pump gate is open before starting.


3. It must be emptied before starting to avoid cavitation.


4. Open the pump after the liquid is supplied first to avoid the dry grinding of the piston.


5. Regularly clean the water tank and waterway.


6. It is forbidden to start with pressure.


7. If the pressure gauge swings or there is abnormal sound during operation, stop the test immediately.


8, the use of 90mm cylinder liner pump pressure can not exceed 20MPa.


9. Pump pressure should not exceed 16 MPa using 100mm cylinder liner.


One of the advantages of the three-cylinder piston pump is that it has a wide range of pressure regulation, but it should also pay attention to the control of the pressure value during the pressure regulation process, otherwise it will easily cause certain damage to the machine. Only by paying attention to the daily maintenance of the machine can the machine reach its best condition and prolong its service life.