Vane Pump Manufacturers Description: Vane Pump Selection Principle


Some people may be confused when they choose the vane p […]

Some people may be confused when they choose the vane pump for deep field processing or research characteristics. I don't know what kind of vane pump is suitable for my own production and processing. If it is not properly selected, it will cause failure and reduce the operating life. Cause irreparable consequences. The   Vane Pump Manufacturers    addresses the six-point principle of vane pump selection for this problem:


(1) Select the vane pump according to the pressure of the hydraulic system. If the working pressure of the system is below 10MPa, YB1 series or YB-D type vane pump can be used. If the common working pressure is above 10MPa, the high pressure vane pump should be used.


(2) Selecting the pump according to the requirements of the system for noise Generally, the noise of the vane pump is low, and the noise of the double-acting vane pump is lower than that of the single-acting pump (ie, the variable vane pump). If the host requires low pump noise, a low noise vane pump should be selected.


(3) Considering the long life of the double-acting vane pump from the work reliability and life, such as the YB1 series vane pump has a service life of more than 10,000 h, and the life of the single-acting vane pump, the plunger pump and the gear pump is shorter. .


(4 )Considering the pollution factor The blade pump has poor anti-pollution ability, which is not as good as the gear pump. If the system has good filtration conditions and the fuel tank is sealed, the vane pump can be used. Otherwise, the gear pump or other pump with strong anti-pollution ability should be selected.


(5) Considering from the perspective of energy saving In order to save energy and reduce power consumption, variable pump should be used. It is best to use proportional pressure and flow control variable vane pump.


The use of double or even triple pumps is also a solution for energy savings.


(6) Considering the price factor Price is a city-needed factor. In order to reduce the cost under the condition of ensuring reliable operation of the system, a pump with a lower price should be selected. When selecting a variable pump or a double pump, in addition to the comparison of energy saving, it should be analyzed and compared from various aspects such as cost.