Vane Pump Manufacturers : Replacement Method For Vane Pump Pump Core


1. Check if the shaft seal has aging deformation. If th […]

1. Check if the shaft seal has aging deformation. If the bearing is worn out, you should be more careful when replacing the pump. It is recommended that the outer diameter is the same as the shaft seal and the outer diameter is slightly larger than the inner diameter of the bearing. The inner diameter is slightly larger than the outer diameter of the pump shaft to send them to a fixed position to prevent the shaft seal from deforming and damaging the bearing.


2. When replacing the pump core, pay attention to whether the new and old pump core models correspond, and then install them after confirming the corresponding. Before installing, clean the inner wall of the pump casing, add the lubricating oil and then install the pump core. If the pump core cannot be installed smoothly, check whether the stator and the oil distribution plate of the pump core are concentric. After adjusting the concentricity, install and install. After confirming whether the positioning pin of the pump core is fixed on the positioning hole of the pump casing, check whether the sealing ring is complete and flat. To prevent the seal from being trimmed, tighten the connecting screw of the pump casing and tighten the angle evenly.


3. When installing the oil pump, first check the sealing ring of the oil pump inlet and outlet flange and whether the pipeline is aging and deformed. At the same time, the dirt on the inner wall of the oil inlet pipe should be cleaned, and the sealing performance of each joint of the oil inlet pipe should be checked.


4. When adjusting the direction of the inlet and outlet of the oil pump, as long as the fixing screw of the pump casing is unscrewed, the upper pump casing can be rotated, and the screw can be tightened to retighten the screw; do not pull up the pump core to avoid the locating pin of the pump core. The positioning holes of the pump casing are misaligned or the sealing rings at the connection of the upper and lower pump casings are misaligned.


5. Check whether the coupling is worn and deformed. Whether the pump shaft is concentric with the motor shaft after the oil pump is installed, the simple method is to rotate the coupling by hand to feel uniform and flexible.


6. Check whether the shaft and bearing of the motor are deformed and worn. If the shaft has a swing phenomenon, it should be confirmed whether the shaft is deformed or the bearing is worn. It is strictly prevented that the service life of the pump is affected by the motor problem.


7. Before starting the motor, check whether the hydraulic oil in the fuel tank is clean enough, and whether the filter is deformed and clean. It is recommended to thoroughly clean the fuel tank and replace the new hydraulic oil and filter that meet the standard. To prevent the burning phenomenon, be sure to pump before starting. The body is filled with hydraulic oil; the exhaust valve of the oil pump outlet is released to remove the air in the pump body and the pipeline, and the jog start is started at no load, and the exhaust valve or the oil outlet is tightened after the operation is normal. Connector.


8. During the operation of the oil pump, attention should be paid to whether the oil level, oil temperature, use pressure, etc. meet the requirements for use. The oil level after normal operation is generally higher than 50mm above the filter screen, otherwise the oil pump will easily absorb air and generate noise. The oil temperature can be controlled below 60 degrees Celsius to prevent the oil temperature from being too high and destroy the protective oil film formed by the friction surface.


The    Vane Pump Manufacturers    explained the replacement method of the vane pump pump core above, and hopes to help everyone.


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