What kind of contaminants need to be prevented from entering the gear pump?


Ingress of pollutants into the gear pump will affect th […]

Ingress of pollutants into the gear pump will affect the working efficiency of the pump, and severely cause the gear pump to malfunction or even be scrapped. Doing a good job of preventing impurities from entering the gear pump is an important part of daily operation and maintenance.


1 Prevent and reduce external pollution. The hydraulic drive system must be cleaned before and after assembly. During the process of filling and discharging hydraulic oil and disassembling the hydraulic system, the container, funnel, fittings, interfaces, etc. should be kept clean to prevent the entry of contaminants.


2 filtered. Filter out the impurities generated by the system. The finer the filtration, the better the cleanliness level of the oil and the longer the service life of the components. A properly sized filter should be installed in the appropriate part of the system and the filter element should be inspected, cleaned or replaced periodically.


3 Control the working temperature of the hydraulic fluid. If the working temperature of the hydraulic fluid is too high, it will accelerate its oxidative deterioration, produce various products, and shorten its service life, so it is necessary to limit the maximum operating temperature of the oil. The gear pump hydraulic system requires an ideal temperature of 15 to 55 ° C, generally not more than 60 ° C.


4 Regularly check and replace hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic fluid should be inspected and replaced regularly according to the requirements of the hydraulic equipment instruction manual and the relevant maintenance regulations. When replacing hydraulic fluid, float the fuel tank and flush the piping and hydraulic components.


5 waterproof and drainage. The fuel tank, oil circuit, cooler pipe, oil storage container, etc. should be well sealed and not leaking. A drain valve should be provided at the bottom of the tank. Hydraulic oil contaminated with water is milky white and should be separated.


6 Prevent air from entering. Proper use of the exhaust valve ensures that the hydraulic system, especially the hydraulic pump suction line, is completely sealed. The system should return the oil as far as possible from the suction port of the hydraulic pump to provide sufficient time for the air in the returning oil to escape. The nozzle of the returning oil pipe should be chamfered and extend below the liquid level of the tank to reduce the impact of the liquid flow.