HGP22A Gear Pump

HGP22A Gear Pump

Eternal Hydraulic

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Hydromax Hgp11A Hgp22A Hgp33A Hydraulic Double Gear Pump Hgp Triple Oil Pump For Excavator Calibration Machine Credit

ETERNAL  HGP  GPY  P1P2 series gear pump :

1. High efficiency: precise and detailed structural design, this series of gear pumps with high volume rate and high mechanical efficiency.

2. Long service life: high performance, high abrasion resistance, bearings in high voltage, high speed occasions running, not burned.

3. Light weight, compact structure,

4. Body aluminum alloy, high precision molding design, low noise.


Suitable for a wide range of civil construction machinery, industrial vehicles, handling machinery, agriculture and forestry, fishery machinery and industrial automation and other devices.



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