P40 P80 Series Monoblock Valve

P40 P80 Series Monoblock Valve

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The P40/P80 series is a mid high pressure integral multiple valve. The relief valve and one-way valve can be set up on the valve according to customer requirements. The relief valve can adjust the pressure and the one-way valve prevents the oil from flowing back. The sliding valve of the reversing valve has a function of A, O, Y, etc. It can be assembled arbitrarily. The reversing handle has two installation forms, which are convenient for operation in different directionsThe valve adopts parallel or series oil circuit, and the pressure output port is designed to connect with other hydraulic components to provide power source. The sealing performance of the valve is excellent through specially designed sealing mode.


Widely used in the hydraulic system of engineering machinery, forklift trucks, transport machinery, sanitation machinery, small loaders ...






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