PV2R Low Noise Single Vane Pump

PV2R Low Noise Single Vane Pump

Eternal Hydraulic

Product Details

Two kinds of ETERNAL PV2R :

1.All the Same as Original Yuken PV2R vane pump with higher efficifency, longer life and lower noise. All spare parts can be replaced with original.

2. Improved  ones: 4-8DB noise lower and better performance (>85% effective) than original Yuken pump. Complete pump are within same connection dimension,but different dimension with Original PV2R parts, including the cartridge kits and other parts.


The product can be used in the equipment with high precision and low noise, and is widely used in cutting, rubber &plastic, leather, forging, mining, metallurgical ,metal cutting machinery and engineering machinery fields...


PV2R1, PV2R2, PV2R3, PV2R4 &

PV2R12, PV2R13, PV2R23, PV2R14,  PV2R24, PV2R34 &

parts such as cartridge kit, cam ring, rotor with vanes, shaft, repairing seal, flange


^ Iron Casting Hydraulic Vane Pump PV2R Hydraulic Pump, Yuken Vane Pump PV2R2 PV2R1 PV2R3 PV2R4

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