OR Series Water Cooler

OR Series Water Cooler

Eternal Hydraulic

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ETERNAL OR series 60~1200 water cooler:

Flow: 60L/min to 1200L/min, Weight: 8.5Kg to 72kg, Heat Exchange Area: 0.26m² ~ 4.4m².


1. The heat transfer area is wide: the heat transfer tube of the cooler is designed with bare tubes, and the contact area is wide, the heat transfer is indeed good, and the cooling effect is good.

2. Good heat transfer tube: the use of good heat conductivity of99.9% pure copper, for the most suitable cooling tube.

3. No oil leakage: because the board and the body of the integrated design, can avoid water and oil mixing problems, and at the same time before leaving the factory through airtight test is really tight, so it can achieve the purpose of leak proof.

4. Easy assembly: the foot seat can be 360 degrees of freedom rotation and angle of ontology for free to change the direction of the assembly, the foot seat can be welded directly in any position or machine oil tank, convenient and simple.

5.Anti pollution: suitable for the cooling of dirty and high viscosity oil, and also for water to water and water to heat exchange of gas.


The water cooler is widely used for plastic injection molding machine, air compressor, die casting machine, hydraulic system and other industries such as coal industry, chemical industry, textile industry and so on.




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