A10V Series Piston Pump

A10V Series Piston Pump

Eternal Hydraulic

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Rexroth A10V A10VO A10VSO Hydraulic Axial Piston Pump A10Vo18 A10Vo28 A10V071 A10V074 A10Vo45Dfr High Pressure Excavator Credit

The characteristics of Eternal A10V pump:

1.Completely interchangeable with original

2.Very competitive price

3.Low-noise, high efficiency, high reliability, long life

4.Small size, high power density

5.Excellent oil absorption properties.

6.1 year of warranty

7.For engineering machinery, maritime and boat and industrial machinery etc.

8.For open-loop Swashplate axial piston pump.

9.Continuous working pressure up to 280bar, the instantaneous maximum working pressure up to 350bar.

10.Flow is proportional to drive speed and displacement, and can be achieved by adjusting the swashplate angle stepless variable

11.There are constant pressure, constant-power constant pressure, constant-voltage constant-flow and other control method, and the control response speed

12.Drive shaft can withstand the axial and radial loads

13.SAE and ISO mounting flange

14.For pass-axis structure, and for multi-loop system

15.Start at any time in pressure condition.

Eternal products including Piston Pump, Vane Pump, Gear Pump, Hydraulic Valve, Hydraulic Motor, Electric Motor, Oil Cooler, Accumulator and other hydraulic accessories etc

Hydraulic Piston Pump Series including CY, A2F, A2FO, A7V, A4V, A10V Series, which is the same as Orignal Rexroth, the same appreance, mounting size and working perofrmance.

The products are widely used in machine tool, forging machinery, metallurgy machinery, engineering machinery, mine machinery and other hydraulic systems. They also can be used as hydraulic motors if the valve plate is changed into motor type.


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