A4V Series Piston Pump

A4V Series Piston Pump

Eternal Hydraulic

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The characteristics of Eternal A4V pump:

1. The capacity of the pump is in proportion to its rotating speed and displacement; the stepless adjustment of the displacement can be materialized by regulating the swivel angle of its swash plate.

2. With through-shaft structure, able to form combination pump.

3. Position constraint return mechanism.

4. Spherical flow distribution, the piston is inclined around the shaft.

5. Equipped with swivel angle indicator of swash plate.

6. Stepless variable displacement.

7. Excellent suction performance.

8. Rated working pressure of 35MPa.

9. Fast control response.

10. Low noise.

11. Long lifespan.

12. Excellent power/weight ratio.

13. Modular design.

14. The drive shaft is able to bear the axial and radial load.

15. Optional installation position.

       16. It can operate with HF fluid to lower the operating parameter.

       17.Completely interchangeable with original


Eternal products including Piston Pump, Vane Pump, Gear Pump, Hydraulic Valve, Hydraulic Motor, Electric Motor, Oil Cooler, Accumulator and other hydraulic accessories etc

Hydraulic Piston Pump Series including CY, A2F, A2FO, A7V, A4V, A10V Series, which is the same as Orignal Rexroth, the same appreance, mounting size and working perofrmance.

The products are widely used in machine tool, forging machinery, metallurgy machinery, engineering machinery, mine machinery and other hydraulic systems. They also can be used as hydraulic motors if the valve plate is changed into motor type.


^ Uchida Rexroth A4V Hydraulic Pump A4VSO 71 LR(LRG)/30R(L)-PPB13NOO, Swashplate Design A4VSO Variable Displacement Piston Pump


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